Empower your people with the skills required to use the latest DNA-based tools to describe biodiversity and interpret the ‘big data’ that can inform environmental best practices with bespoke training from our team of scientists and advisors.

Training by NatureMetrics

We have a broad understanding of the challenges that can arise when adopting new technologies. For your solutions to be effective, your users must understand how the technologies work, how they can be best used and integrated with other approaches.

You can put your team at the forefront of the revolution in biodiversity technology by equipping them with the skills they’ll need in the years to come with training from NatureMetrics. Our highly experienced scientists and advisors can deliver training for your teams on-site, in person, or virtually.

Whether you’re looking to train your teams on eDNA methodologies and technologies generally or increase internal capabilities to satisfy specific project requirements, we will work with you to understand your aims and adapt our programme accordingly.

Some of the areas you can leverage our expertise are:


eDNA and metabarcoding: The basics.

Planning an eDNA sampling campaign.

Bespoke project designs.

Sampling eDNA from Soils and Sediments: How much, how deep & when?

Sampling eDNA from Water: Where, when & how?

Identifying Species from Faeces.

Conducting Diet Assessments using eDNA from faeces.

Detecting and monitoring Great Crested Newts.

Planning and conducting invertebrate surveys using DNA metabarcoding.

How to efficiently use project budgets to gain the most value from eDNA (e.g. strategies for pooling samples to maximise data potentials).

You can count on NatureMetrics if you need:


Support in understanding how DNA-based methods fit in with more established approaches and can be used to support evaluation of goals such as no net loss of biodiversity, or the application of the mitigation hierarchy.

A partner with global expertise in applying DNA-based monitoring tools, who is flexible to your needs and goals.

Advice and guidance from scientists at the cutting edge of technological development and methods standardisation.

Opportunities to pilot new approaches as the technology advances, building deep expertise within your teams.