You can use the power of DNA-based methods to understand and track your environmental impact and inform best practices in managing and monitoring the environmental effects of your operations.

Understanding your environmental impact & managing your risks

Trust in NatureMetrics to provide you with the efficient and easy-to-use solutions that you need to create change.

You can benefit from the expertise and dedication of our team of scientists and ecologists in leveraging DNA-based methods to meet the aims of your Environmental Policy.

We have helped a wide variety of clients across a range of sectors around the globe to use DNA-based tools. Globally we’re just scratching the surface, and there are many applications waiting to be utilised such as:


Apply to ecological impact assessments.

Evaluate the delivery of net gain, no net loss or net positive impacts on biodiversity.

Monitor changes in ecosystem conditions.

Understand and monitor soil biodiversity.

Deliver on the aims of the UK’s 25-year plan.

Report global indicators such as essential biodiversity variables (EBVs).

Address sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Deliver new science-based targets for nature (SBTNs).

Stand at the forefront of innovation and use the latest DNA-based methods to identify how you can meet your environmental objectives.


You can turn to NatureMetrics today if you need:


Advice on a project, from sampling design to bioinformatics and data analyses.

Help to measure your impact on the environment.

A validated, repeatable and cost-effective method for understanding your project site better than ever before.

Support in applying DNA-based methods to meet aims in your Environmental Policy.

A partner who can work with your needs, all of the science happens Inside NatureMetrics; we don’t outsource and have complete control over our service delivery.

Help to design and deliver the best biodiversity monitoring strategy for your project area.

Environmental Projects & Tender Support

Bidding for tenders is a crucial process of securing new business and accelerating growth. Often the process involves inevitable and unforeseeable challenges that require the use of cutting-edge DNA based methods. NatureMetrics is here to help you understand exactly what you will need to deliver a winning tender.

Understanding the scope of your Project Tender

Take advantage of NatureMetrics global expertise and cutting-edge science to understand the relationship between your project tender and the impacts on biodiversity.

We will work with you to identify how you will satisfy the environmental requirements of the tender and answer key questions using DNA-based approaches.

Preparing your Tender

Your Scope of Works may involve detailing complex applications of DNA-based sciences.

You have our support throughout your tender application and can benefit from our understanding of regulatory and legislative issues relating to your sector and the applications of DNA-based monitoring.

We have extensive experience in the development and practical application of DNA-based monitoring tools in many environments and geographies. You can benefit from our relationships with policy-makers and regulators to help you submit a tender that is scientifically robust in terms of analysis types and sampling design. We can also help you balance budgetary constraints whilst ensuring sufficient sampling and quality controls that delivers useful and reliable data related to the goals of the project.

You can draw upon the skills of NatureMetrics’ academic advisors on specific projects where their expertise may be valuable, ranging from sampling design to statistical analysis, novel technologies and scientific best practice.

Should your project or organisation require guidance documentation or white papers to support your aims, then we can leverage the full expertise of our team, collaborators and advisors to curate the assets necessary.


You can count on NatureMetrics if you need:


Advice on ‘next steps’ with your tender application.

Support in assessing your project tender for opportunities to explore biodiversity through the application of DNA-based methods.

A partner who can be flexible to meet your requirements, all of the science happens Inside NatureMetrics; we have complete control over our service delivery.