Measure and manage the impacts of large-scale onshore energy and mining projects using the big data generated from environmental DNA surveys.

Biodiversity is fundamental to the functionality of our planet’s ecosystems.

With the global energy demand set to increase by 30% by 2040, the mainstreaming of biodiversity considerations across the energy and mining sector has never been more vital.

Energy and mining sectors rely on biodiversity and ecosystem services in several different ways. At the operational level, mining, oil and gas and renewable sectors are dependent on various ecosystem services, the most prominent being water used throughout operations. An example within the onshore energy sector is hydropower, which relies on the flow regime of natural river systems.

Whether you are planning solar power, wind, hydropower (run of river, hydropeaking), alluvial mining, onshore oil or onshore drilling project, our cutting-edge environmental DNA (eDNA) methods can efficiently provide you with objective and accurate biodiversity data at an unprecedented level of detail to inform your decision-making process.


Getting started with a complete biodiversity audit has never been simpler.

Unlock biodiversity data with NatureMetrics’ eDNA kits. Our kits are easy-to-use, validated and contain all you need to start sampling right away.

You will benefit from complete eDNA analysis, combined with our expert interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any mitigation that is required.

NatureMetrics translates your samples into an easy-to-read report that empowers you to make the best decisions for your project. 

We remove the risks and constraints associated with baseline biodiversity surveys, impact assessments and monitoring, creating reliable, verifiable and replicable data sets while overcoming the taxonomic bottleneck.  We vastly increase the data available on the occurrence of endangered or rare species, invasive species and broad biodiversity estimates. We provide you with a suite of tools and services that can be designed or combined to suit your project needs.

Our expert data science team can support you to analyse and interpret the data they deliver. From ecological statistics to developing new indicators of ecosystem health. We are also pioneering new ways to use our data to set and report on Science Based Targets such as Net Positive Impact.

Understand Your Environmental Impact; because that which is measured can be improved.

Impacts on biodiversity vary throughout the lifecycle of the project. Assessing and planning for each stage from exploration, development, production, transportation and decommissioning through to post-closure is pivotal in understanding, measuring and reducing impacts on biodiversity.  

Modern approaches and legislations, such as the IFC performance standard 6, are ensuring biodiversity and environmental considerations are becoming engrained across new ways of operating. Our innovative DNA-methods enables you to measure and monitor biodiversity at landscape-scales. This process is far quicker than traditional taxonomic surveys and more effective in generating rich datasets that can feed directly into your Environmental Impact Assessment, Habitats Regulatory Assessment or European Protected Species Licencing, and inform best practices in managing environmental impact across the lifecycle of the project.

Unlock better biodiversity management with eDNA surveys and services from NatureMetrics.

Analysing Environmental Impacts

Stand at the forefront of innovation and standardisation in detecting, monitoring and managing biodiversity with NatureMetrics’ eDNA sampling kits. Our kits are optimised for use by non-experts (such that anyone can collect a quality sample) and contain all you need to begin sampling right away.

Our data analysis will always highlight species on the IUCN Red List and can flag species on protected and non-native invasive lists of your choice. This automated step does the hard work for you, turning your decision making into an easy and objective process.

Samples you can send to our labs for analysis:

Soil and Sediment



Invertebrates and Macroinvertebrates

    You will receive a complete eDNA analysis from your samples, combined with our expert interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any additional steps that are required. 

    We will process your samples into an easy-to-digest report that can inform best practices in effective habitat restorations, mitigation and biodiversity management. 

    Still have questions?

    NatureMarkets: The Science in Action

    We have recently released a mitigation hierarchy approach to avoid, mitigate, restore or rehabilitate and finally offset or compensate for project impacts on biodiversity.

    Designed by NatureMetrics’ co-founder, Dr Kat Bruce, the mitigation hierarchy is a tool to help users limit the negative impacts of development projects on biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES). Promoting a best-practice approach to aid in the sustainable management of living, natural resources by balancing conservation needs with development priorities.

    Environmental Management Plan

    As well as supplying your long-term monitoring eDNA kits and analysis, you can leverage our expertise in the areas of:

    • Training
    • Policy Guidance
    • Tender Support

    Do you want to increase your collective understanding of eDNA? Perhaps you are looking to educate your contracting or ESG teams on correct sampling procedures? Or develop the skills required to manage complete environmental projects?

    You can leverage the expertise of our internal scientists and environmental advisors with bespoke training for your team. We’ll work with you to understand and translate your requirements into educational resources, delivered as face-to-face or virtual workshops.

    Equip your teams with the knowledge and practical skills to apply best practice in biodiversity management across your company value chain or project lifecycle with help from NatureMetrics.

    You can benefit from our detailed understanding of the global standards and policy frameworks that you have to consider when developing Environmental Policy.

    We will equip you with the knowledge, data and access to technologies that will inform best practice in managing and measuring environmental impacts and objectives.

    Are you preparing to submit your tender bid?

    You can leverage the expertise of our scientists and advisors to assess and develop the considerations made to biodiversity in your Bid Strategy and Plan. We can help you illustrate your commitment to safeguarding and enhancing biodiversity through innovative, measurable processes and technologies.