21st century nature monitoring technology is now available in the infrastructure sector. Big data on biodiversity is delivered by innovative DNA-based methods.

New infrastructure development is essential for meeting the food, water and energy needs of a growing global population, yet between now and 2030, the amount of infrastructure on Earth could double. This has the potential to significantly alter or damage the natural systems we depend upon.

Robust planning, effective regulations, high quality baseline data and informative replicable monitoring underpin sustainability and environmental targets for large infrastructure developments (e.g. Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Net Positive Impact (NPI)).

Whether the project in question is a fuel pipeline development, road expansion, hydropower, water way project, or coastal port development, DNA-based methods can be used to overcome the challenges faced with conducting large scale biodiversity surveys using conventional techniques.

In the past, conducting biodiversity surveys at the landscape-scale has been extremely difficult and time-consuming. DNA-based methods overcome these challenges and maximise the efficiency of your on-ground sampling efforts by achieving surveys on many different species from a single sample.


Getting started with a complete biodiversity audit has never been simpler.

Unlock biodiversity data with NatureMetrics’ eDNA kits. Our kits are easy-to-use, validated and contain all you need to start sampling right away.

You will benefit from complete eDNA analysis, combined with our expert interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any mitigation that is required.

NatureMetrics translates your samples into an easy-to-read report that empowers you to make the best decisions for your project. 

The optimal time to consider biodiversity is in the design phase of an infrastructure project. This stage is particularly crucial for reviewing and implementing concepts that avoid and minimise environmental impacts, such as habitat loss and mitigation.

Understand Your Environmental Impact; because that which is measured can be improved.

Simple, fast, regular monitoring of impacts on an ongoing basis can allow adaptive management of the project, ensuring that new risks and opportunities for Net Positive Impact are identified and achieved.

You can access our global understanding of environmental DNA and industry applications to overcome the barriers associated with traditional taxonomic surveys and effective long-term monitoring plans for green infrastructure projects.

The power and pace of surveying biodiversity using environmental DNA (eDNA) enables efficient landscape-scale baselining. You can effectively profile different habitats and ecosystems within the landscape, creating baselines for restoration and impact assessments.

Include biodiversity in your Ecological Design with help from NatureMetrics.

Analysing Environmental Impacts

You can describe the biodiversity in your areas of interest with NatureMetrics’ eDNA services. Our sampling kits are simple-to-use, endorsed by leaders in the rail industry, and contain all you need to start sampling immediately. Our consultants will work with you to understand your aims, enabling you to build a suite of tools that fit your specific needs across the duration of your project.

Samples you can send to our labs for analysis:

Soil and Sediment



Invertebrates and Macroinvertebrates

    NatureMetrics: Behind the Science

    We are proud to have been selected to join HS2’s Innovation Accelerator programme, driving productivity and reducing HS2’s environmental impact during construction.

    “NatureMetrics’ simple biodiversity monitoring kit could help with the creation of HS2’s green corridor either side of the tracks by monitoring progress of its newly created woodland habitat. The technology sequences DNA into usable ecology information that shows the distribution of species across a landscape and tracks how habitats change throughout the project lifecycle.” Railway Review.

    Planning for Environmental Management

    As well as supplying your long-term monitoring eDNA kits and analysis, you can benefit from our expertise in the areas of:


    • Training
    • Environmental Project Tender Support
    • Citizen Science

    Are you looking to develop your teams’ skills in understanding and recognising the importance of biodiversity?

    We have a wealth of experience providing bespoke training for our clients and collaborators. We will work with you to understand your project requirements and design your custom training plan and resources to ensure your people are empowered with the essential knowledge and skills to make informed project-level decisions in safeguarding biodiversity.

    Are you preparing to submit your tender bid?

    Our team can work with you to review the biodiversity considerations throughout your bid strategy. We can help you showcase your commitment to the environment through measurable processes and technologies that are at the heart of innovation. 

    The eDNA Discovery Lab brings biodiversity monitoring into the hands of everybody, allowing you to engage stakeholders in fieldwork. We can help you work with local communities, schools, NGOs, and charities to empower everybody with the tools needed for global change.

    Find out more about incorporating Citizen Science into your environmental monitoring and project management.