What if we could rapidly describe biodiversity at the landscape level, using accessible tools that address the complex and urgent challenges of biodiversity loss, climate change and ecosystem collapse?

What if we didn’t have to see the animals we’re looking for?

NatureMetrics provides the DNA-based biodiversity solutions that conservationists across the world are seeking. The need for robust data is now.

We are revolutionising the ability to measure and monitor biodiversity. A decade ago, building an accurate picture of biodiversity at large spatial scales to characterise and explain patterns of distribution and diversity across multiple habitats, would have been considered impossible. Today, thanks to advances in eDNA technologies and applications, NatureMetrics is working with many in the conservation space to help make this a reality.


Getting started with a complete biodiversity audit has never been simpler.

Unlock biodiversity data with NatureMetrics’ eDNA kits. Our kits are easy-to-use, validated and contain all you need to start sampling right away.

You will benefit from complete eDNA analysis, combined with our expert interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any mitigation that is required.

NatureMetrics translates your samples into an easy-to-read report that empowers you to make the best decisions for your project. 

To ensure we conserve and restore our natural world, we must gather and share essential knowledge that can empower communities, industries and governments to promote and safeguard biodiversity.

Our globally accessible DNA methods are increasing the power and pace of biodiversity surveys.

Understand Your Environmental Impact

We are working with local and international NGOs, communities, citizen scientists, businesses, academic researchers and other stakeholders around the world, equipping them with the tools required to assess biodiversity and evaluate the outcomes of conservation efforts.

Take advantage of eDNA methods and gain broader and more complete biodiversity datasets at multiple scales. DNA technologies overcome traditional challenges, enabling you to identify species that are usually difficult to survey, map species distributions and diagnose multiple taxonomic groups at landscape scales.

We have validated our workflow to ensure results that are consistent and accurate, and findings that are easy to standardise, share between groups, and repeat throughout the year.

Samples you can send to our labs for analysis:

Soil and Sediment



Invertebrates and Macroinvertebrates

You will receive a complete eDNA analysis from your samples, processed into an easy-to-digest report, and you can combine your results with our expert data analyses and interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any additional steps that you can take.

Maximise the value from field time and unlock better biodiversity monitoring and management with eDNA surveys and services from NatureMetrics.

Still have questions?

We will work closely with you when planning and executing the following protected species surveys:


Water voles, pangolins, apes


Terrestrial invertebrates

Aquatic invertebrates

White-clawed crayfish


European protected species (including Great Crested Newts, otters, bats, and dormice)



Marine mammals

NatureMetrics: Behind the Science

We are dedicated to the continuous innovation of our services and capabilities, empowering us to better protect and develop the biodiversity of our world. You can explore the background of our groundbreaking work when you visit NatureMetrics’ InfoHub.

Take me there.

Recently, we presented a co-designed lab workflow and bioinformatic pipeline to mitigate the two most common risks of environmental DNA use. That of sample contamination and taxonomic misassignment.

Read the White Paper.

Planning for Environmental Management

As well as supplying long-term monitoring eDNA kits and analysis, you can benefit from our expertise in the areas of:

  • Environmental Project Tender Support
  • Training

You can access our strong understanding of global standards and assistance in achieving DNA-based monitoring for large tenders. We can work in partnership with your chosen consultancies and other organisations that are supporting your project.

Are you looking to fill knowledge gaps within your project teams?

We can offer bespoke training on any project, whether on-site, in person or digitally. You can leverage our understanding of the different regional requirements of biodiversity. Improve your teams’ collective knowledge and understanding of the practical applications of eDNA in achieving positive biodiversity outcomes, with help from NatureMetrics.