Enhancing sustainable agriculture with a new bioloigical data layer.

Biodiversity is essential for agricultural productivity, ecosystem function and resilience.

Until now, the biological data layer in the soil and aquatic systems around farms has been expensive and difficult to obtain. Using DNA-based monitoring it is now possible to understand on-farm biodiversity and the impacts that nature has on farming and farming has on nature. From soil microbiomes to pests and pollinators, on-farm and wider ecosystem impacts can be assessed by collecting DNA from the soils and surrounding aquatic systems.

With 72% of Britain alone comprised of farmland, we face the global challenge of minimising these impacts by providing the data that can inform best-practices in wildlife-friendly farming. We can provide your soil biodiversity data as evidence to support the conservation and restoration of natural biological communities.


Getting started with a complete biodiversity audit has never been simpler.

Unlock biodiversity data with NatureMetrics’ eDNA kits. Our kits are easy-to-use, validated and contain all you need to start sampling right away.

You will benefit from complete eDNA analysis, combined with our expert interpretation of the biodiversity present and advice on any mitigation that is required.

NatureMetrics translates your samples into an easy-to-read report that empowers you to make the best decisions for your project. 

Our environmental DNA services enable you to build a detailed description of biodiversity. We’re working at the cutting edge of our technology to provide clients with a never before available biological data layer, which provides you with an inventory of the species living in and around your system. This sort of data allows you to link between species in the soil and soil health, carbon storage, disease exposure and nutrient cycling to approach your environmental management with a whole-ecosystem approach.

Understand Your Environmental Impact

Perform baseline biodiversity surveys in soil and aquatic ecosystems.

Use our DNA-based data as an evidential baseline for your yield comparisons.

Standardise your best-practices with responsive management based on up-to-date biodiversity data

Inform future biodiversity monitoring and management plans in line with sustainable development goals by having long term datasets.


We can empower agricultural clients with the big data and access to the biodiversity data they need to understand their soils. With better data, we can adapt agricultural practices and inputs to accelerate the efficiency and effectiveness of sustainable management practices and regenerative agriculture.


Planning for Environmental Management

For your complex projects such as regular soil health monitoring, we can provide support in curating an environmental management plan that fits your needs.

As well as supplying your routinely scheduled DNA kits and analysis, you can leverage our expertise in the areas of:

  • Training
  • Environmental Project Tender Support

Are you looking to empower your people with the skills to manage complete biodiversity surveying projects?

You can benefit from bespoke training from our scientists and environmental advisors. We’ll work with you to understand and translate your needs into engaging educational resources, that we can deliver as workshops, face-to-face or virtually.

eDNA biodiversity monitoring can be a great way to showcase innovation and the commitment to continuous improvement amongst your farming practices. If you are applying for a tender, we can support you in integrating the applications of DNA and eDNA science in your tender bid.