Our deep scientific expertise combines with a knowledge of our core client sectors to enable us to deliver bespoke biodiversity survey solutions using DNA. 

Our solutions tackle the challenges each sector faces in delivering robust biodiversity data to enable better targets, better management and better reporting for nature.

NatureMetrics in Numbers


+ client organisations with access to better biodiversity data


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  • Planning & Construction
  • Infrastructure
  • Mining & Onshore Energy
  • Offshore
  • Conservation
  • Agriculture
  • Academia

We can help you to develop and scope the biodiversity surveys that are required to accompany your Environmental Permit or Planning Application to the Local Planning Authority or Environment Agency, or measure environmental impacts of your activities across a designated time period. Where necessary we can design your surveys to fit the exact requirements of your project.

NatureMetrics translates your samples into an easy-to-read report that empowers you to make the best decisions for environmentally sustainable planning and construction.

New infrastructure development is essential for meeting the food, water and energy needs of a growing global population. In the past, conducting biodiversity surveys at the landscape-scale has been extremely difficult and time-consuming. DNA-based methods overcome these challenges and maximise the efficiency of your on-ground sampling efforts.

Whether you are planning solar power, wind, hydropower (run of river, hydropeaking), alluvial mining, onshore oil or onshore drilling project, our cutting-edge environmental DNA (eDNA) methods can efficiently provide you with objective and accurate biodiversity data at an unprecedented level of detail to inform your decision-making process.

We are working with offshore energy companies across the globe to see the value of integrating DNA based monitoring into both regulated monitoring and innovation towards a Net Positive Impact strategy.

A decade ago, building an accurate picture of biodiversity at large spatial scales to characterise and explain patterns of distribution and diversity across multiple habitats, would have been considered impossible. Today, thanks to advances in eDNA technologies and applications, NatureMetrics is working with many in the conservation space to help make this a reality.

Using DNA-based monitoring it is now possible to understand on-farm biodiversity and the impacts that nature has on farming and farming has on nature. From soil microbiomes to pests and pollinators, on-farm and wider ecosystem impacts can be assessed by collecting DNA from the soils and surrounding aquatic systems.  

By working with NGOs, academic institutes, policymakers and industrial sectors across the world, we are pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve in the name of biodiversity conservation. We offer project support, sampling kits, full laboratory processing and in-house bioinformatics and data analyses. We are also aware that many research objectives have highly specific requirements, and we are open to exploring tailored services to meet these requirements.