Here you will find a list of scientific papers that our team have published.

With 10+ postdoctoral level researchers and years of scientific expertise, we are working within the scientific community and transparently publish our work to accelerate innovation and understanding of DNA-based monitoring.

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Ji, Y., Baker, C.C.M., Li, Y., Popescu, V.D., Wang, Z., Wang, J., Wang, L., Wu, C., Hua, C., Yang, Z., Yang, C., Xu, C.C.Y., Wen, Q., Pierce, N.E. & Yu, D.W. 2020. Large-scale Quantification of Vertebrate Biodiversity in Ailaoshan Nature Reserve from Leech iDNA. bioRxiv.


Keywords: environmental DNA, metabarcoding, occupancy, leeches, China, monitoring, conservation, biodiversity

Thalinger, B., Deiner, K., Harper, L.R., Rees. H.C., Blackman, R.C., Sint, D., Traugott, M., Goldberg, C.S., Bruce, K. 2020. A validation scale to determine the readiness of environmental DNA assays for routine species monitoring. bioRxiv.


Díaz, C., Wege, F.F., Tang, C.Q., Crampton-Platt, A., Rüdel, H., Eilebrecht, E., Koschorreck, J . Aquatic suspended particulate matter as a source of eDNA for fish metabarcoding. Scientific Reports.


Abrams, J.F., Hörig, L.A.,  Brozovic, R., Axtner, J., Crampton‐Platt, A., Mohamed, A., Wong, S.T., Sollmann, R., Yu, D.W. & Wilting, A. 2019. Shifting up a gear with iDNA: From mammal detection events to standardised surveys. Journal of Applied Ecology. 56(7).


Keywords: biodiversity, Borneo, conservation, environmental DNA, invertebrate DNA, leeches, mammals, Southeast Asia

Axtner, J., Crampton-Platt, A., Hörig, L.A., Mohamed, A., Xu, C.C.Y., Yu, D.W. & Wilting, A. 2019 An efficient and robust laboratory workflow and tetrapod database for larger scale environmental DNA studies. GigaScience. 8(4).


Keywords: metabarcoding; invertebrate-derived -DNA; environmental DNA; leeches

Creedy, T.J., Norman, H., Tang, C.Q., Chin, K.Q., Andujar, C., Arribas, P., O’Connor, R.S., Carvell, C., Notton, D.G., Notton, D.G. & Vogler, A.P. 2019. A validated workflow for rapid taxonomic assignment and monitoring of a national fauna of bees (Apiformes) using high throughput DNA barcoding. Molecular Ecology Resources. 20(1).


Keywords: community barcoding, contamination, double dual tagging, illumina sequencing, pollinators

Ji, Y., Huotari, T., Roslin, T., Schmidt, N.M., Wang, J., Yu, D.W. & Ovaskainen, O. SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes. 2019. Molecular Ecology Resources, 20(1).


Keywords: Araneae, Arthropoda, biomonitoring, COI internal standard, community composition, DNA barcoding, insecta, metagenomics, mitogenomes, mitogenomics

Peel, N., Dicks, L.V., Clark, M.D., Heavens, D., Percival-Alwyn, L., Cooper, C., Davies, R.G., Leggett, R.M. & Yu, D.W. 2019. Semi‐quantitative characterisation of mixed pollen samples using MinION sequencing and Reverse Metagenomics (RevMet). Methods in Ecology and Evolution. 10(10).


Keywords: bees, diet analysis, genome skim, metabarcoding, metagenomics, MinION, pollen, quantitative

Pochardt, M., Allen, J.M., Hart, T., Miller, S.D.L., Yu, D.W. & Levi, T. 2019. Environmental DNA facilitates accurate, inexpensive, and multiyear population estimates of millions of anadromous fish. Molecular Ecology Resources. 20(2).


Keywords: Alaska, anadromous, eDNA, eulachon, fisheries, Thaleichthys pacificus, Tlingit

Barsoum, N., Bruce, K., Forster, J., Yin-QiuJi., Yu, D.W. 2018. Metabarcoding of arthropods provides a sensitive measure of biodiversity response to forest stand composition compared with surrogate measures of biodiversity. Ecological Indicators, Volume 101, June 2019, Pages 313-323.


Keywords: DNA metabarcoding, Malaise traps, Surrogate measures of biodiversity, Biodiversity indicators, Forest management, Tree identity

Harper, L.R., Buxton, A.S., Rees, H.C., Bruce, K. et al. 2018. Prospects and challenges of environmental DNA (eDNA) monitoring in freshwater ponds. Hydrobiologia 826: 25.

DOI: 10.1007/s10750-018-3750-5

Keywords: Aquatic, Biodiversity, Lentic, Metabarcoding, Quantitative PCR, Survey

Hering, Daniel., Borja, Angel., Jones, John., Pont, Didier., Boets, Pieter., Bouchez, Agnès., Bruce, Kat. et al. 2018. Implementation options for DNA-based identification into ecological status assessment under the European Water Framework Directive. Water Research.

DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2018.03.003

Keywords: Metabarcoding, eDNA, Biological quality elements, Rivers, Lakes

Levi, T., Allen, J.M., Bell, D., Joyce, J., Russel, J.R., Tallmon, D.A., Vulstek, S.C., Yang, C. & Yu, D.W. 2018. Environmental DNA for the enumeration and management of Pacific salmon. Molecular Ecology Resources. 19(3).


Keywords: environmental DNA, qPCR, Southeast Alaska, fisheries management, Oncorhynchus, ecosystem services, ecosystem functions

Tang, C.Q., Crampton-Platt, A., Townend, S., Bruce, K., Bista, I. & Creer, S. 2018. Development of DNA applications in Natural England. Natural England Commissioned Reports, Number 252.

Keywords: DNA, eDNA, sequencing, metabarcoding, monitoring, invertebrates, fish, vascular plants

Andújar, Carmelo., Arribas, Paula., Gray, Clare., Bruce, Kat., Woodward, Guy., Yu, Douglas., & Vogler, Alfried. (2017). Metabarcoding of freshwater invertebrates to detect the effects of a pesticide spill. Molecular Ecology.

DOI: 10.1111/mec.14410

Keywords: Biomonitoring, Community ecology, DNA barcoding, Freshwater ecosystems, Invertebrates

Bush, A., Sollmann, R., Wilting, A., Bohmann, K., Cole, B., Balzter, H., … & Dawson, T. P. (2017). Connecting Earth Observation to High-Throughput Biodiversity Data. Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Somervuo, P., Yu, D. W., Xu, C. C., Ji, Y., Hultman, J., Wirta, H., & Ovaskainen, O. (2017). Quantifying uncertainty of taxonomic placement in DNA barcoding and metabarcoding. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8(4), 398-407.

DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12721

Keywords: Biodiversity, DNA barcoding, eDNA, Metabarcoding

Rodgers, T. W., Xu, C., Giacalone, J., Kapheim, K., Saltonstall, K., Vargas, M., … & Jansen, P. (2017). Carrion Fly-Derived DNA Metabarcoding Is An Effective Tool For Mammal Surveys: Evidence From A Known Tropical Mammal Community. bioRxiv, 133405.


Keywords: DNA barcoding, DNA metabarcoding, molecular species identification, multinomial regression, statistical model, taxonomic assignment, taxonomic placement

Cai W, Ma Z, Yang C, Wang L, Wang W, Zhao G, … & Douglas, W. Y. (2017) Using eDNA to detect the distribution and density of invasive crayfish in the Honghe-Hani rice terrace World Heritage site. PLoS ONE 12(5): e0177724.

DOI:: 10.1371/journal.pone.0177724

Keywords: eDNA, Invasive crayfish, pPCR,

Hudson, L. N., Newbold, T., Contu, S., Hill, S. L., Lysenko, I., De Palma, A., … & Booth, H. (2017). The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) project. Ecology and Evolution, 7(1), 145-188.

DOI: 10.1002/ece3.2579

Keywords: Data sharing, Global biodiversity modeling, Global change, Habitat destruction, Land use

Tang, P. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. Evolution: Taking the Sting out of Wasp Phylogenetics. Current Biology, vol:27 pp.R358-R360

Bush, A., Sollmann, R., Wilting, A., Bohmann, K., Cole, B., Balzter, H., Martius, C., Zlinszky, A., Calvignac-Spencer, S., Cobbold, C.A. and Dawson, T.P., 2017 Connecting Earth Observation to High-Throughput Biodiversity Data. Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Keywords: Biodiversity, Conservation biology, Decision making, Ecosystem services, Environmental impact

Andujar, C., Arribas, P., Linard, B., Kundrata, R., Bocak, L. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. The mitochondrial genome of Iberobaenia (Coleoptera: Iberobaeniidae): first rearrangement of protein-coding genes in the beetles. Mitochondrial DNA Part A, vol:28, pp.156-158.

Keywords: Coleoptera, Elateroidea, Gene rearrangement, Mitochondrial metagenomics, Mitochondrion

Timmermans, M.J., Thompson, M.J., Collins, S. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. Independent evolution of sexual dimorphism and female‐limited mimicry in swallowtail butterflies (Papilio dardanus and Papilio phorcas). Molecular ecology, vol:26, pp.1273-1284.

Keywords: Batesian mimicry, Papilio phorcas, Phylogenomics, Polymorphism, Sexual selection, Transcriptome

Gómez‐Rodríguez, C., Timmermans, M.J., Crampton‐Platt, A. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. Intraspecific genetic variation in complex assemblages from mitochondrial metagenomics: comparison with DNA barcodes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, vol:8, pp.248-256.

Keywords: Chrysomelidae, DNA barcodes, genome skimming, intraspecific variability, mitochondrial metagenomics, mito‐metagenomics, population genetics

Linard, B., Arribas, P., Andújar, C., Crampton-Platt, A. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. The mitogenome of Hydropsyche pellucidula (Hydropsychidae): first gene arrangement in the insect order Trichoptera. Mitochondrial DNA Part A, vol:28, pp.71-72.

Keywords: Biomonitoring, Hydropsychoidae, Mitochondrial rearrangement, Mitochondrial metagenomics

Nie, R.E., Breeschoten, T., Timmermans, M.J., Nadein, K., Xue, H.J., Bai, M., Huang, Y., Yang, X.K. and Vogler, A.P., 2017. The phylogeny of Galerucinae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and the performance of mitochondrial genomes in phylogenetic inference compared to nuclear rRNA genes Cladistics.

Crampton-Platt, A., Douglas, W. Y., Zhou, X., & Vogler, A. P. (2016). Mitochondrial metagenomics: letting the genes out of the bottle. GigaScience, 5(1), 15.

DOI: 10.1186/s13742-016-0120-y

Keywords: Shotgun sequencing, Illumina, Biodiversity, Phylogenetics, Community ecology, Genome assembly

Zhang, K., Lin, S., Ji, Y., Yang, C., Wang, X., Yang, C., … & Yu, D. W. (2016). Plant diversity accurately predicts insect diversity in two tropical landscapes. Molecular Ecology, 25(17), 4407-4419.

DOI: 10.1111/mec.1377

Keywords: Hropoda, Biodiversity, Biomonitoring, Host specificity, Insect–plant interactions, Surrogate species

Orkin, J. D., Yang, Y., Yang, C., Yu, D. W., & Jiang, X. (2016). Cost-effective scat-detection dogs: unleashing a powerful new tool for international mammalian conservation biology. Scientific Reports, 6.

DOI:  10.1038/srep34758

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DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12717

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DOI: 10.1111/boj.12497

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DOI: 10.1111/2041-210X.12416

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