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  • Wicken Fen BioBlitz
  • River Frome Fish Community Assessment
  • Winwick Wind Farm Invertebrate Surveys
  • Bernwood Forest Bechstein’s Bats Diet Analysis

Collaborators: Chris Packham

Key NatureMetrics team: Dr Kat Bruce 

Service: eDNA from Water

Technologies: Metabarcoding

We collaborated with Chris Packham’s BioBlitz at Wicken Fen Nature Reserve to educate volunteers on how to capture the genetic material of fish and identify species present from water samples taken across several areas of interest.

Gain insight into the detailed results the volunteers uncovered and the NatureMetrics’ technologies utilised to generate that data.

Collaborators: Natural England 

Service: eDNA from Water

Technologies: Metabarcoding

As part of a collaboration with Natural England, we analysed the fish communities present in the River Frome. Conducting fifteen samples across three locations of interest, we were able to build a detailed description of the species that call the river their home.

Explore our findings, and the NatureMetrics’ methodologies applied to generate that data.

Collaborators: Wild Frontier Ecology (WFE) 

Service: Macroinvertebrate Services 

Technologies: Metabarcoding 

Wild Frontier Ecology (WFE) wanted to conduct invertebrate surveys at a new wind farm in Northamptonshire to inform the Habitat Improvement Plan for the site. NatureMetrics conducted DNA metabarcoding analyses to identify the diverse species present in samples collected by WFE.

Examine our findings, and the impact that big data has had on guiding habitat restorations at the wind farm.

Collaborators: Chris Damant at Bernwood ECS Ltd

Service: Species from Faeces

Technologies: Metabarcoding 

Bernwood Forest’s population of Bechstein’s bats hold significance as a recently discovered species whose habitats are now vulnerable due to the construction of HS2. By conducting a Diet Assessment of the Bechstein’s bats in the area, Bernwood ECS was able to capture a detailed description of the woodland and non-woodland prey species and increase knowledge of the foraging behaviour and habitat use of this vital population.

Explore our findings, and the impact that big data has had on guiding conservation efforts for the forest’s population of Bechstein’s bat.

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