21st September 2018

Fish communities of the River Frome

In February 2018, we analysed the fish communities of the River Frome as part of a research collaboration with Natural England. A total of 15 samples were collected, made up of five samples from each of three locations on the river:

(1) at the mouth of the Frome, where it opens into Poole Harbour,

(2) in the saline transition zone where freshwater mixes with salt water

(3) in the freshwater part of the river, upstream of the tidal limit

For each sample, between 600 and 1250 ml of river water was filtered on site using our manual filtration kits. Preservative solution was added to the filter units and they were posted to the laboratory. We carried out our fish eDNA metabarcoding analysis to amplify and sequence the fish DNA that had been captured on the filters.